Alla Vovk

Alla Vovk is a researcher and user experience designer. Mixing scientific approach with personal narratives, she creates transformative, participatory and bodily AR experiences for training. Conventionally trained as a journalist, she claims storytelling as her native language and craft in art practice.
Research interests: Augmented reality, spatial interfaces, human-computer interaction
Background: As a PhD student in Computer Science (HCI) her goal is to reconfigure spatial interaction with the physical world for empowering human training. As an HCI researcher, Alla has worked in institutions including VTT and ALTEC, and published her research at international conferences including CHI and EC-TEL. During her PhD she also worked at Microsoft Research Cambridge where she worked as a user experience researcher, where she designed and developed an AR application to diagnose early Alzheimer’s disease working with Healthcare ML and Human Experience Design Groups.
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