Online Advanced Software Engineering AR

PAL, together with the collaboration partners from the AR-for-EU project, is currently running a free massive open online course for Advanced Software Engineering for Augmented Reality (advanced SEAR).

The advanced course follows the software development cycle from inception, to implementation, to validation.

  • Design: It includes lectures and practical tutorials for advanced design thinking and user experience, storytelling creative tools and methods, designing AR workflows.
  • Implementation: The implementation focused technologies advance from the foundational course to cover now spatial understanding (on top of spatial mapping), abstraction for cross-platform/multi-user/multi-device support, artificial intelligence dialog understanding, open CV foundations, wearable technology and making things talk, and volumetric video capture.
  • Validation: Methodologies available for verifying and validating applications are introduced, including PAL’s technology acceptance research for AR and wearable technologies (TAMARA), spatial user interaction evaluation (SPINE), as well as trust towards anthropomorphic UI (TAU).

Insights into specialist application areas and job perspectives will help sharpen your skill set. As part of the course, students will be tasked with designing, developing, and evaluating their own Augmented Reality application.

The course is available online for free on the CodeReality moodle:

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