Publication Strategy

Our research is Open Research, classifying deliverables as ‘public’, providing preprints as technical reports, and publishing Open Access — as widely as possible. For access rights Creative Commons and Open Source licenses shall be considered first before anything else. Any patents obtained using public funds shall preferably be added to public patent pools, likewise for publicising and sharing other Intellectual Property resulting from collaborative research. We contribute to Open Standards and other societally-significant aspects of standardisation. Only where there are justified reasons to expect more impact, other strategies shall be pursued.

We use Social Media. Members of the lab, contributing in their private capacities unless otherwise stated, will blog, tweet, and videocast about research in progress or in prospect in order to engage the public and current and prospective stakeholders and to allow any interested parties to participate in knowledge transfer and exchange early.

We engage in Teaching and Training, also contributions to Public Understanding and Policy relating to teaching, training and standards, and producing teaching resources (textbooks, guides and guidance systems). Members and associates of the group and/or their agents shall be approachable for teaching and publishing contracts, public talks, lecture tours, etc.

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