Joshua Secretan

At Oxford Brookes, Joshua Secretan was a research assistant within the Performance Augmentation Lab (PAL) of Oxford Brookes University. His main role was assisting in the development of the LAAR project; an EU initiative looking at combining Augmented/Mixed reality with learning analytics to improve work based learning. His role so far has seen him work with xAPI (the experience API) and the Microsoft Hololens.

Graduating Brookes in 2015, Josh has a background in software engineering. He gained experience developing software for a defence contractor. Drastically changing direction he left this role to go “live with the hippies” in a sustainable community in Spain. He narrowly avoided going native and returned to the UK to continue in academia. Josh studied a Masters in Security and Privacy alongside his duties within the PAL group.

“Working with Dr Wild and the whole team has really been an eye-opener for me.  I love science fiction, I’d always passed augmented reality off as wishful sci-fi. Working with the team I now know how an early mobile phone developer must have felt. This isn’t sci-fi anymore, it’s a technology that is going to change the developed world and a lot of people have not realised this yet. Everyone will use it! I feel very lucky to have this chance to be part of a group at the very front of this wave” – Joshua Secretan

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