Graduate and Postgraduate Projects

We supervise bachelor and master theses’ final year projects – or supervise your just for fun work. Here is a selection of interesting topics, but do not hesitate to approach us if you have your own ideas.

  • Classroom Management with AR: distribute students in the classroom so that they can have the optimum experience in shared experiences with small groups of 4-5 students. Load room, identify available space, partition, and plan position/orientation for the users, while avoiding obstacles dynamically and preventing students from stepping into each others holograms.
  • Authentic Assessments: Build the equivalent of a 3D multiple choice questionnaire using the Microsoft HoloLens: users have to decide between correct and incorrect situations / objects.
  • Collaborative AR: Hologram sharing on multiple smart glasses: AR on smart glasses is typically a one person experience. In this project, we would assemble a spectator view that allows to hook up one hololens (or other) with a second one to allow live streaming AR experiences in high definition from a 3rd person perspective to a video projector and other smart glasses.
  • Animation and Motion Rigging
  • Motion Controllers: develop your own interaction device for AR using Arduino and IMUs.
  • Optical Face/Body-posture Recognition
  • Natural language understanding for Holograms: Fit our animated holograms with natural language understanding using Microsoft’s LUIS or IBM’s Watson.
  • Hologram Repository:Abstraction layer for a common query interface for querying and retrieving data from 3D repositories plus reference implementation on Microsoft Hololens or similar smart glasses.
  • rojection mapping: Realtime projection on moving objects. With realtime 3D scanning, new applications in AR become possible: it is possible to map projection content onto moving objects. In this project, a proof of concept of such projection mapping is developed.


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