Augmented Reality is providing a whole new set of possibilities to improve proficiency and safety on the workplace and reduce costs during training, in particular in manufacturing and automotive industries.

Among the applications developed to support workers on the shop floor, telementoring plays a leading role as a demonstrator of the capabilities of AR in industry. We’re currently exploring the user experience of telementoring with GhostHands – the use of a virtual model of a mentor’s real hands, appearing in a workers full AR view of a work task. The mentor can see the workers view ‘through their eyes’ and can place their GhostHands into that view.

Both worker and mentor appear to cope with this ‘ghost assisted’ experience very well, and recognise a sense of joint accomplishment from the cues that the hands embody in completing a task.

Publication: Giuseppe Scavo, Fridolin Wild, Peter Scott (2015): The GhostHands UX: telementoring with hands-on augmented reality instruction, link