The TCBL project, short for Textile and Clothing Business Labs aims to renew the European Textile & Clothing (T&C) sector. The T&C industry faces new and significant opportunities based on new production and distribution technologies, innovative organisational models, and new creative energies. In parallel, customers are showing increasing attention to ethical and environmental sustainability in the clothes they wear.

TCBL is exploring new ways to design, make, and work together, part of which is an Augmented Reality based training and experience extraction. The PAL group will do the R&D on these AR technologies, integrating experience capturing and sharing tools into the TCBL Knowledge Spaces with a special focus on storytelling with AR and the communication of tacit knowledge. TCBL provides industrial and lab test-beds in design of textiles and clothes as well as in experimenting with production methods and machinery old and new, from re-discovering traditional tailoring to 3D printing and laser cutting.

The TCBL project is supported with EUR 7.7M by the European Commission (totaling a budget of EUR 8.1M).