The WAPLA workshop aims at analyzing with an applied and practical perspective different issues and challenges related to learning analytics. Learning analytics can be broadly defined as the methods and techniques to reach conclusions about the learning process in order to improve it. First of all, there is a need of collecting data since you cannot improve what you do not monitor. Nowadays, there are proper technical tools to collect and retrieve all the interactions of the users with the different learning resources and activities. The retrieve of these data enables its analysis and the application of learning analytics for improving the learning process. Scenarios such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provides a good case study as it makes even more necessary the application of learning analytics techniques because there is a need of tools for teachers to easily monitor the learning process and students for receiving automatic feedback and awareness. The correct practical application of learning analytics can bring a lot of advantages. Many issues should be considered for a successful application of learning analytics in courses and in the organizations as a whole.

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