The inaugural issue of the TCBL _zine is out in the iPad book stores – for FREE – and filled to the brim with valuable knowledge nuggets for the Textile & Clothing businesses. Six articles summarise key trends and recent developments ranging from the insights into new production technologies, via fashion trends, to regulatory news.

The first article, by Bill Macbeth, introduces you to coating technologies for water-repellant clothing. The second, by Jesse Marsh, reviews for you the new movement within the EU towards a circular economy. Eulalia Morral and Filippo Guarnieri discusses cultural heritage in the third, while Takis Lybereas gives you an overview on the latest fashion trends. Marcus Winkler and Thomas Stegmaier introduce you to hot melt coating technology for saving money in spinning, while at the same time upgrading yarn with functions. Finally, Paul Lefrere discusses the potential of fandom markets.

_zine is brought to you by project TCBL. TCBL aims to renew the European Textile & Clothing sector, exploring new ways to design, make, and work together. TCBL motivates new business models to open up attractive markets.