Students of Magdalen College School had a chance to experience the first live hologrammatic telepresence in a secondary school in Oxford, as part of the WorkLikeAHuman event. Work Like A Human is a Social Enterprise for 14-18 year olds, a collaboration of parents who want to create a positive antidote to the current state of careers advice and knowledge about the dramatic changes coming around the future of work and Industry 4.0. It is nesting at the Magdalenen College School careers fair in Oxford in collaboration with other local schools.

Dr Fridolin Wild was invited to the discussion about mixed reality and how these can solve problems across different industry sectors from remote health, to the democratisation of education, and digital engagement. The focus of the discussion was is on new roles and job functions emerging both for humanities and STEAM students. The driving questions were: Why does the future need you? Where are the future roles for everyone in the Industry 4.0?

The event included for the first time in any Secondary School in the UK, a first-hand experience of Augmented Reality with a live Holographic Telepresence from Toronto, featuring Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT MEDIA.

Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT media

Larry was talking about how a career in film and entertainment could lead to one of the most impactful democratic experiments of our time, the personalisation and democratisation of education and healthcare. Larry has spent is career in film and entertainment transforming IMAX from a museum theatre experience to a global channel for film across the world. He is now CEO of ARHT holographic telepresence technology, creators of digital human holograms called HumaGrams.


Dr Wild explained when and how did his journey in Augmented Reality begin, where is the future of AR and Augmented Reality Learning going, and how can today’s school leavers get involved in AR and Education as a profession.