Since 2009, Stereopsia is now the international forum dedicated to ‘immersion’, bringing together science, art, and technologies around 3D, XR, and AI. It is a roof for several high impact conferences and expos, providing also a plethora of demos, networking opportunities, and several awards. The International Conference on 3D Immersion(IC3D) is one of the main conferences in Stereopsia, consisting of academic presentations of the papers published in the IEEE digital library. The IC3D presentations present progress over the state-of-art in technology, with highlights this year featuring AI deep-fakes, approaches for volumetric video capture, and novel methods for fixing depth images. The breaks were featuring attractive and fun VR games and videos.

On December 11, Xinyu Huang gave a talk at the 9th edition of IC3D at the SQUARE Meeting Centre in Brussels, Belgium. She presented a process for the semi-automated generation of 3D holographic characters. On the 12th, Xinyu also presented at the Volumetric Imagining conference, speaking about how interactive holographic characters can benefit digital healthcare, applying the process for 3D character construction presented at IC3D to a healthcare application for training cancer surgery survivors on lifestyle patterns to improve their health & quality of life.

It was Xinyu’s first time to attend the world event, which was exciting to network and share different experiences at the top of the Meeting Centre with a view overlooking the entire city.