A new metric scale for measuring trust towards holographic intelligent agents was presented on the workshop of Beyond Questionnaires: Innovative Approaches to Evaluating Mixed Reality of the BHCI’21 conference by Xinyu Huang and Prof. Dr. Fridolin Wild. They identified, selected, and refined over a hundred items related to trust, checked their precision and validity with the help of a judges panel, selected polarising items that are able to bring out the distinctive characteristics regarding people’s trust towards intelligent agents in order to develop a novel metric scale.

In this study, they found that an assessment of trust involves looking at the user’s belief about the agent’s competence, integrity, benevolence, and compassion, which drive the attitude of trust, influenced by the user’s general propensity to trust. Trust then drives intention to engage and ultimately engagement, which, if successful, results in the establishment of a trust relationship with the agent. While they proposed an item-response scale for measuring this model of trust, they also added deliberations on how elements of it could be replaced with alternative means that possibly offer more immediacy than self-inspection, discussing in particular alternatives for measuring elements of compassion, competence, and social relationships.

A model for trust.