The ARETE project received the CEN/CENELEC Standards+Innovation Award 2022 for Best Research Project under its designated Standards Manager, Prof Fridolin Wild. ARETE, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework program, develops a Europe-wide competitive ecosystem that supports the dissemination of Augmented Reality content in education, with MirageXR being one major output of the project. The work in standardisation is manifold, spanning many standards bodies including CEN/Cenelec, ISO/IEC, IEEE, to name just some major initiatives the project helped lift. Part of the work is a standard of standards proposal to CEN, a so-called workshop agreement, which sets out how a set of standards from IEEE, CEN/Cenelec, and ISO/IEC can work together to cover interoperability needs for XR learning and performance augmentation. The agreement draft is available via the workshop chairs Prof Wild (OU) and Prof Mangina (UCD) from December, the final version is expected for April, 2023.