We are currently evaluating the impact of Augmented Reality on training in the manufacturing of composites, comparing AR mobile tablet computer and smart glasses use in a control group setup with classic written instruction. The project ERADEX, funded by the Augmented Reality Enterprise Alliance as part of its enterprise AR research agenda, started in September 2022 and is scheduled to conclude early in the new year. Together with the National Composite Centre of the UK, which is based in Bristol, we are collecting data via a series of trials, looking into efficacy, deviation, error, etc. to derive information on potential quality and productivity increase at large, and connected reduction of waste and rework needed.


Group photo in building of the NCC

Project participants from left to right: Prof Fridolin Wild (PAL), Simon Groves (NCC), George Sage (NCC), Doug Forsyth (NCC), Lisa Bowers (PAL)