For our WEKIT augmented reality project, we’re looking for an artist in residence, funded via the VERTIGO project with a residency grants of up to 30k EUR. Application deadline is May 22nd 2017 (10:00 CET).

With the advent of mass-produced holographic, wearable displays and projection systems, reality has indeed become a medium, enhancing human perception with additional, artificially generated sensory input to create a new experience including, but not restricted to, enhancing human vision by combining natural with digital offers.

While successful examples of putting AR on smart glasses to use are plenty, it is by far not clear, what space of opportunity the new aesthetics have, nor is it clear which design principles drive satisficing user experience.

An artist in residence would help explore and research this new aesthetic and design and interaction principles for ‘reality 2.0’.

More specifically, there are two opportunities:

  • Using AR on smart glasses as a medium of expression, creating holographic exhibits or performances.
  • Reflecting on the holographic experience in other media, making the experience accessible to a wider audience (than ‘audiences of one’ of the wearer). Exploring what makes out the essence of a holographic experience (through translation to other media) would help determine success factors and design principles.

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