In this master project, Sophie Kirkham is developing a proof of concept prototype for providing real-time auditory feedback to end-users on their arm movement during simple motor tasks, an application that could be used, for example, in rehabilitation of stroke patients who have to regain motor control of their limbs. This is how she explains the work:

Research using augmented reality and virtual reality as a source of visual feedback in rehabilitation and motor learning has been receiving positive outcomes across the computing and medical fields. AR and VR can provide a method of increasing motivation and stimulation whilst performing the repetitive tasks required for motor development. Little research, however, has been done so far on integrating auditory feedback within these systems despite it’s capabilities at representing spatio-temporal information and to motivate, encourage and reduce stress in people. In this project, I am designing, developing and evaluating a proof of concept real-time auditory biofeedback system that maps EMG and IMU data from arm movements during simple motor tasks to auditory parameters.” (Sophie Kirkham)