Oxfordshire is home to knowledge, digital, and manufacturing economies, a net contributor to the UK exchequer, creating “£23 billion Gross Value Added (GVA) in real terms in 2017” and housing “678,000 people and 31,000 businesses” (source:p.12). Oxford Brookes, the top performing young university of the UK for teaching and researching, organised on May 31st in collaboration with InnovateUK and oxLEP a local Business Research Innovation & Technology Exchange (BRITE). The stand of the Performance Augmentation Lab was featured in the spotlight of the exhibition in Kenneth Wheare hall, where Dr Fridolin Wild and team exhibited the lab’s work on a future technology enhanced learning solution using Smart Glasses and other forms of wearable computing. “We have just run a trial with close to 200 astronauts, astronaut trainers, and space engineers, challenging our technology in real life conditions, and I can conclude: we are ready for take up”, so Dr Wild.