With the stable release 1.3 of MirageXR, we are moving forward on our journey of re-inventing how education and training will be conducted in the future. MirageXR is a reference implementation of an eXtended Reality (XR) training system, compliant with IEEE P1589-2020, the standard for scaling up XR learning experiences. The Open University is proudly leading the development of MirageXR, supported by OpenReal and ARETE.

Version 1.3 sees a lot of things new and improved, the three most important upgrades are:

  • The new image marker augmentation allows the user to take a photo of an object or an image target and thus allow to move task stations with the marker around.
  • The new character augmentation allows the user to add a character to follow a path, follow the player or play various actions in place.
  • The new visual effects (VFX) augmentation allows the user to add 19 different visual effects.

With MirageXR, practice can be supported with the help of augmentations, guiding the learners in what they need to do where – while providing the theoretical background needed to understand. Built in into the cross-platform apps is an authoring toolkit, which puts every user into the position to produce XR learning content – opening up access to the long-tail of learning content.