The world is changing and the Educational Metaverse is coming. The future of learning is in the overlay reality, where the real-world surrounding us is augmented using wearables, liberating learners from decades of being tied to their screens. ‘Learning in the Real World’ uses eXtended Reality (XR) on Smart Glasses and mobiles, digital twins, and sensors to facilitate expertise development live, in real-time, directly where the knowledge is applied.

Prof Dr Fridolin Wild gave an invited keynote on the topic of “Learning in the Metaverse” at the European online and distance learning week on November 5, 2021, a research seminar arranged by EDEN in collaboration with ODLAA (Australia), FLANZ (New Zealand), APODE (Asia-Pacific region), USDLA (USA).

Prof Wild spoke about findings from research in XR for learning and performance augmentation at the Open University, providing insights from working in space, healthcare, engineering, and other areas.
He showed how XR-enhanced learning in the real world can help meet the post-pandemic, post-automation demands for rapid reskilling, delivering – when applied right – a better learning experience with speed, at scale, and at lower cost.