Prof Dr Fridolin Wild gave a keynote at ISE Barcelona on May 11, speaking about how modern AR can benefit learning in the Metaverse, using motion capture and real-time transmission to create, what he calls ‘demi-sync’, an experience delivered in real-time that feels alive, although it executes an adaptive workflow to deliver a memorable experience in a scripted way.

Moving forward, Dr Wild postulates, “the Future of Work needs to transform collaboration, not just port display flatlands to 3D, and we need to find ways to link across space and time utilising a combination of XC, AI, and XR: Experience Capture (XC), AI extraction and validation (AI), Adaptive XR visualisation (XR)”. In particular, so Wild, this will allow “casting one environment onto another, demi-sync but with real-time components, responsive to events and characteristics in the surrounding” and this “will give us alternate reality streams”.