Online Educa Berlin saw an expert panel from the H2020-funded WEKIT project present and discuss whether the future of training and learning at the workplace will radically change its form, abandoning books, class rooms, and learning management systems to turn to smart glasses, live guidance, and in situ training.

Fridolin Wild of Oxford Brooke’s Performance Augmentation Lab discussed with Ralf Klamma (RWTH Aachen), Paul Lefrere (CCA Research), and Carlo Vizzi (Altec) how Performance Augmentation could change the way we learn.

Both panel and audience agreed in their discussion that wearables and in particular smart glasses with augmented reality mode enabled form an integral part of the future of learning at the workplace.

“It depends, however, on content, instructional design, and activity mix, as all of them together make out  experience”, so Wild. “They determine, whether a training will be useful, enjoyable, and memorable, and not just render people less smart, operating persons like robots.”

Online Educa is a unique, cross-sector event with 2,100+ participants from 93 countries, fostering exchange between the corporate, education, and public service sectors. OEB took place from November 30 to December 2, 2016, in Berlin.