26 participants from five universities across Europe have participated in the first School of AR that was organised by AR-for-EU consortium. All the classes were life-streamed with students following from Norway, Russia, UK and Germany.

The School of AR provided an introduction to Augmented Reality, with emphasis on designing and developing Augmented Reality applications. Lectures gave the theoretical background about the newest hardware and software, and students could try out their new knowledge in practical workshops with try-out possibilities of Smart Glasses. Guest speakers provided a first-hand update on the industrial application of AR.

The course module comprised of a mix of lectures and practical tutorials delivered by 12 teachers from the partner universities:

  • Lecture 1 Introduction to AR, Dr Fridolin Wild
  • Lecture 2 HCl methodologies, Alla Vovk
  • Lecture 3 Perception, Alla Vovk
  • Tutorial 1 Modelling AR UI/UX, Alla Vovk
  • Lecture 4 Software Engineering, PD Dr Ralf Klamma
  • Tutorial 2 New Business Development, PD Dr Ralf Klamma
  • Lecture 5: Technology Overview, Dr Fridolin Wild
  • Tutorial 3 Markers, Jazz Rasool
  • Lecture 6 Geometric Algebra, Dr Carlos Fresnada Portillo
  • Lecture 7 Story Telling with AR, Carl Smith, Jim Hensman
  • Tutorial 4 3D modelling, Mark Ransley
  • Tutorial 5 Gesture interaction, Will Guest
  • Tutorial 6 Gaze interaction, Joshua Secretan
  • Tutorial 7 Voice interaction, Joshua Secretan
  • Tutorial 8: Spatial Understanding, Will Guest
  • Tutorial 9: 3D scan and animation, Yu Huang
  • Lecture 8 Careers in AR, Joanna Jesionkowska
  • Lecture 9 Design Inspiration, Dave Hamblin
  • Lecture 10 Research Directions, Carl Smith, Dr Fridolin Wild

After a week of intensive classes, students went home with the ideas for their projects. Now they have nine weeks to design, develop, and evaluate their own Augmented Reality applications.