The UNBODY project, created in a collaboration with the Performance Augmentation Laboratory during its time at Oxford Brookes University, was selected into the finals in the category best AR arts / film for this year’s Auggie Awards at Augmented World Expo (AWE) in California, the leading AR/VR event in the world.

UNBODY is a Mixed Reality Hololens installation by award-winning poet Jay Bernard produced in collaboration with the Avant-Garde and Speculative Technology (AGAST) Project and Performance Augmentation Lab (PAL) at Oxford Brookes University.

UNBODY probes the boundaries between identity and consciousness in an extended reality. In this interactive installation, texts and film clips spill from day-glow billboards and totems, which are arranged in a maze. The viewer co-creates the installation by moving through the space, assembling, and recombining Bernard’s texts into shimmering holographic poems. Together, we inhabit these trans poetics to explore how words can haunt and re-create our physical selves.