Dr Fridolin Wild will be giving a keynote at the Orphee Rendezvous in Font Romeu, France, to help shape the future research agenda of the French technology-enhanced learning R&D community. Orphee is a network of networks with over 30 partner organisations. The retreat takes place January 31 and February 1, 2017, in the Pyrenees and will bring together experts in the field. Dr Wild will speak about Performance Augmentation.

Here’s the abstract: Augmented Reality (AR) gained momentum in recent years, branching out beyond mere object-superimposition in marketing to more complex use cases. Other than Virtual Reality, AR refers to enhancing regular human perception with additional, artificially generated sensory inputs, merging natural and digital offers into a combined experience. Obviously, such novel technology is relevant to education and training. AR offers potential especially for human performance augmentation: to improve efficiency and effectiveness of learners through extended live guidance. In this talk, Dr. Wild will introduce to the concept of Performance Augmentation and report on latest findings from the R&D projects ARPASS, WEKIT, and TCBL.